watchOS 2.2 Final Build For Apple Watch Released – Here’s What Is New


watchOS 2.2 final build download for Apple Watch is now available. Here's what is new in the latest build, and how you can update your device right away.

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watchOS 2.2 Might Be Uninspiring, But Is A Step In The Right Direction For Apple Watch

While many are led to believe that Apple Watch sales have hit a complete stop and the Cupertino camp is doomed, but the truth is, many developers are embracing the platform at a rapid pace since wearable devices are definitely the way of the future. And alongside developers, Apple itself is working hard in the background to stabilize things as much as possible for general users and developers alike, with the trend continuing today as well with the release of watchOS 2.2 final build for Apple Watch users around the globe.

Apple Watch watchOS 2.2

watchOS 2.2 is not a feature rich update at all, but does come with a new Maps app with Nearby feature, allowing you to quickly go through points of interests in a swift fashion, that too from the comfort of your wrist. Apart from that, watchOS 2.2 brings with it support for pairing multiple Apple Watches with an iPhone. We're sure someone out there will find this particular addition useful - if not, then oh well, just skip away.

And like every other update from Apple, watchOS 2.2 brings with it bug fixes and performance enhancements, which is more than enough to convince you to upgrade your wearable right away.

If you do happen to have made your mind regarding the update process then you can do so in a quick and easy fashion. Place your Apple Watch on its magnetic charger and launch the Watch app on your iPhone. Navigate to General > Software Update and download watchOS 2.2. It's worth mentioning here that the update process won't ever take place if your Apple Watch is not on charge, so do not panic if your iPhone throws you an error message regarding the update even if your wearable is sitting at 100% battery life.

Also be well aware of the fact that the update process will take quite a while, hence do not touch your iPhone or Apple Watch when the installation process is in motion. You don't want to take personal steps to make sure whether or not things are moving. It will only make things worse, so sit tight, grab a cup of coffee and wait it all out.

If you happen to update your Apple Watch to watchOS 2.2, then be sure to let us know in the comments section what you think about the update