Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of ‘Time Flies’ Event, Let the Excitement Begin!

Uzair Ghani
Apple Store online is down ahead of 'Time Flies' event

The online Apple Store has gone down ahead of the much-awaited 'Time Flies' event. Expect new products to become available real soon.

Apple to Announce New iPads and Apple Watches at Time Flies Event, Online Store Goes Down Ahead of Time

It's a simple tradition. Apple announces an event, the hype goes through the roof, event day arrives, the store goes down, the announcement happens, the website comes back online with the new products announced. Today is no different and we are at "the store goes down" bit of the whole thing right now.

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Apple Time Flies Event Start Time

If all the leaks and reports are correct, then we can expect Apple to announce a brand new iPad Air, iPad 8, Apple Watch Series 6 and a lower cost Apple Watch 'SE'. We're just a few hours away from the event, so all will be known soon.

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