Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of ‘One More Thing’ Event, New Macs Incoming


You know, it won't be truly an Apple event day if the online Apple Store didn't go down. New Macs are coming and the store just went kaput.

Ahead of Announcement of New Apple Silicon Macs, the Online Apple Store Just Went Down

It's an Apple tradition. New event is announced, event day comes, Apple Store goes down, event happens, new products are added to the Apple Store. Today is no different either.

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Today is the day Apple will announce brand new additions to the MacBook lineup. These new computers will be the first of many that will ditch Intel processors in favor of Apple's in-house chips. They are expected to be faster, more power efficient, and hopefully, make way for new features in upcoming Macs.

We will be covering the event from start to finish, so stay tuned. Whatever you do, just do not buy a Mac for the next six hours from anywhere. Else, you will completely regret it.

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