Apple Could Stop Bundling USB Cables With Future iPhone Models, According to Survey

Omar Sohail
Apple Could Stop Bundling USB Cables With Future iPhone Models, According to Survey

After removing the power adapter from the iPhone 12, unless you’re living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Apple could also end up removing USB cables from future iPhone models. This can mean that the iPhone 13 lineup arriving in 2021 could provide even fewer accessories to customers, and they won’t be too pleased with this decision if it materializes.

Leaked Apple Survey to a Customer Reveals Other Accessories May Not Be Included With Future iPhone Models

An Apple survey in Portuguese was shared by a 9to5Mac reader, highlighting a few questions about the iPhone 12 Pro Max. While the company might be wanting to know the users’ experience of the latest iPhone 12 models, there could be more that Apple may not be admitting. One of those things could be removing a USB cable from the iPhone 12’s packaging, along with a SIM card ejector tool.

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However, the survey also included questions related to Face ID. The reader was asked if he was satisfied with the technology. Considering that Face ID is far more convenient than Touch ID, it’s highly likely that Apple will retain it and continue improving it in future models, along with other features. Sadly, it does have its limitations. For instance, if you’re wearing a mask, Face ID won’t work, forcing you to type in your passcode.


Unfortunately, we also better start preparing ourselves to get fewer accessories, possibly with the iPhone 13 series. It’s possible that with the ongoing pandemic, Apple introduces some changes to Face ID that will allow the technology to recognize your facial pattern while wearing a mask, but we believe this addition will be added with the iPhone 13 family when it launches in 2021.

We’re not sure how customers will react to not getting charging cables with future iPhone models. Still, since Apple has a tight lock on the seamless software experience, naturally, these consumers won’t have much of a choice when searching for an alternative. It’s a good thing that third-party USB cables are not just affordable but also reliable when it comes to durability.

News Source: 9to5Mac

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