‘Yet to Launch’ ARM-Based Apple Silicon iMac Spotted in Xcode Crash Log

Omar Sohail
‘Yet to Launch’ ARM-Based Apple Silicon iMac Spotted in Xcode Crash Log

Apple has not officially announced the ARM-based iMac and apart from the M1 Macs, we have yet to see the redesigned ‘all in one’ in action. However, evidence that the company is working on one can found in an Xcode crash log, thus generating more momentum that we might see the machine and its variations later this year.

No Specification Details Were Mentioned in the Xcode Crash Log, Unfortunately

A screenshot shared by 9to5Mac shows that a developer application crashed while running on what appears to be an ARM-based iMac. Unfortunately, no specifications were listed in the screenshot, with even the 'Thread' count listed as 0. The crash report file was carefully looked at and the report concluded that the application was indeed running on an Apple Silicon iMac.

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Unfortunately, in addition to the specifications, the model name was not specified either in the screenshot, so it is unclear what display size Apple intends on using for the upcoming iMac. Then again, the previous slew of reports, rumors, and leaks have provided mounting evidence that an Apple Silicon iMac will materialize, but no timeline has been given. The company does a near-pristine job eliminating certain details about future products, so apart from telling our readers that an app crash happened on an iMac running an ARM-based chip, there is nothing else we can provide.

One tipster claims that the Apple Silicon iMac has been delayed to October, which we believe could be the case assuming these machines need a little tweaking on the software front. So what about hardware? For starters, we expect the internals to be much more powerful than the 5nm M1, but it is unclear what will Apple call the new silicon. One report claims that Apple is developing the M2, while separately published info claims it will be referred to as the A14T.

Whatever the new Apple Silicon will be called, at least this evidence shows that the company is working on the ARM-based iMac, and when it does launch, our readers will know more about it, so stay tuned.

News Source: 9to5Mac

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