Apple To Produce Music Videos For Apple Music Artists

Apple has been keen to step up in new and rising trends that marks its high end profits. Since the dawn of hype for Apple Music, the Cupertino giant has been i motion for to start producing music videos for top stars being hosted on its Music Streaming platform. Its been less than a month for Apple Music debut and the service currently rests on a free trial, Apple is seeking new ways to pump its game in the field.

Apple is advancing forward with the music frenzy by creating its very own artistic content for Apple Music stars. Recently, Apple has produced in-house music videos for well regarded artists such as Eminem, Pharrell and Drake. As of Apple's nature and motive to create revolutionary ideas, one might expect the same results in music industry as well. However, what might be Apple's plans for such diversification in the future?

Apple To Produce In-House Music videos for Apple music Artists

Moving on to the topic, Apple's in-house hosted music videos include Eminem's 'Phenomenal' and 'Happy' for Pharrell. The following videos were debuted on the Apple Music and as for the future plans for the current scenario, Apple is reported to produce videos for Purity ring, M.I.A and Diddy And James Bay. it seems as though the iPhone manufacturer is looking for a keen spot in the music industry except of just being a music distributor as its competitors.

Apple is also planning to extend its exclusivity of content and artists which will secure a safe spot for the company. It has been previously reported that Apple is increasing new additions to its exclusivity circle which will be beneficial to both, the company and artists.

Apple Music

If you say that Apple is inexperienced in the field then you are most certainly wrong. Apple has an extended history of producing commercials hosted by celebrities. One of them featuring late Robin Williams, reciting stanzas from the Dead poets Society. Henceforth, Apple is familiar with all technicalities involved for the production of music videos for Apple Music stars. We hope Apple produces content with great diversity and charm to be more than just a video producer. This is it for now. Let us know how you liked the idea.

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