Apple Music Lossless Won’t be Coming to the HomePod and HomePod mini


You thought the fun stopped at AirPods Max? The HomePod and HomePod mini both will not get support for Apple Music lossless audio either.

HomePod and HomePod mini Can Play Apple Music's New Lossless Audio, But Apple Won't Add Support to it

So far it has become evident that none of Apple's headphones will be playing lossless Apple Music. But, it gets even worse - according to Apple itself in a statement to The Verge, the HomePod and HomePod mini will not get lossless audio support either. The interesting thing is, the HomePod (both of them) are completely capable of playing lossless audio, it is simply a choice which Apple made to not bring lossless to the speaker duo.

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The only thing both HomePod speakers will be getting is this - Spatial Audio. If you were worried whether your Siri speaker will get something out of the new Apple Music update, it is just this, nothing else.

So, it makes it absolutely clear at this point that Apple has no audio hardware at all, which is sells under its own brand new which plays lossless audio. At the same time, it gives us hope that Apple might be working on hardware in the background to compliment these new announcements.

We will see how this one pans out.