Apple’s MacBook Pro Competitors Also Eyeing Mini LED Screens, as Adoption Rate Expected to Pick Up in 2020

Apple’s MacBook Pro Rivals Could Use mini LED in Their Future Products

Mini LED backlighting is a technology that Apple’s rumored to use on its future MacBook and iPad range. More specifically, the company is reported to unveil the first crop of products between Q4 2020 and H1 2021. At the same time, the company’s competitors are also looking to embrace the new technology in its new products, particularly those machines geared towards creative professionals. Needless to say, we should prepare ourselves for some high-end products down the road.

Mini LED Technology Might Still See Lower Adoption Due to High Costs; Companies Like Apple Expected to Use it in Premium Products

Depending on what Apple’s decision is for the future, Lextar could be one of the company’s suppliers of mini LED technology. According to a report from DigiTimes, the manufacturer has been aggressively promoting this new tech for high-end portable machines, with even talks that MSI may be using this component in its upcoming Creator notebook. For those that don’t know, the Creator range is targeted to high-end users that need all that processing power, coupled with a beautiful display for those that require color-grading work.

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The report also states that MSI’s Creator 17 notebook will sport a 4K resolution, and is able to achieve HDR 1000-certified dynamic contrast and colors. While Apple isn’t rumored to shift to a 4K panel for its MacBook Pro range, it’s possible it ends up tapping Lextar due to the progress it has made. Unfortunately, display makers have been encountering production problems with mini LED technology, suggesting that adoption rates for next year might not be that high. In addition, mini LED is also expensive, meaning that should the overall cost of the product shoot upwards, it might discourage customers who don’t see value in the upgrade.

One reason why Apple may not shift to OLED technology for its MacBook Pro and iPad family is that mini LED doesn’t exhibit the same burn-in issues. As for what previous reports have stated, the next Apple notebook to feature mini LED will be the 16-inch MacBook Pro refresh. Sadly, there isn’t any word if a 13-inch MacBook Pro will receive the same treatment, though rumors have stated that a new scissor switch keyboard will be present on the newer version in 2020.

For customers wanting a better display that provides improved colors over LCD, it looks like you’ll have to scale up your budget slightly, particularly if you’re in that line of profession that requires color-grading work.

News Source: DigiTimes

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