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US Black Friday Deals: Save Big on Latest 12-inch MacBook, iPhone and iMac Models


Black Friday falls tomorrow, which means you have only today to make some “important” decisions. You don’t want to be that person who gets to the store (both offline and online) at the very end when the stock is all gone! So make up your mind what you need for yourself and for Christmas gifts and stock up. To help you, here are some of the best deals we could find on Apple products. Be in for some surprises as you are going to see some delicious MacBook Black Friday deals even on the very latest models.

MacBook Black Friday

Black Friday deals on Apple products:

Of course, there seems to be no reason to visit Apple Store today, except for perhaps checking the prices because Apple doesn’t offer any discounts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Get yourself some major discounts on ALL the Apple products by buying from the retailers who are offering some great deals on several items including the very latest iPhone and iPad variants.

Apple Watch:

  • Best Buy: Apple Watch is being offered for up to $100 off at Best Buy. You can save $50 on Apple Watch Sport models and avail a $100 discount on stainless steel Apple Watch models.
  • Target: Target seems to be following the footsteps of Apple but well, something's better than nothing. You will get a $100 Target gift card with the purchase of any Apple Watch or Apple Watch Sport.

iPhone deals:

MacBook Black Friday deals 2015

  • Target: Target is offering a $250 gift card with the purchase of iPhone 6s or 6s Plus on a device installment payment plan from Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T.
  • Walmart: Walmart is offering $200 off in the form of a $100 bill credit and another $100 Walmart gift card with the purchase of any iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, or 6s Plus using AT&T Next or a Verizon device payment plan.

iPad Black Friday deals:

  • Sam's Club: $150 off on all the stock of iPad Air 2 models.
  • Best Buy: Save $100 on 16GB and 64GB iPad Air 2; $125 on a 128GB iPad Air 2 WiFi only variant. iPad mini 4 is also getting a $100 price slash.
  • Target: Get a $150 Target gift card with the purchase of any iPad Air 2 model and a $100 gift card with any iPad mini 4 variant.
  • Staples: $150 off on 64GB iPad Air 2 WiFi only variant; $125 discount on 16GB WiFi only iPad Air 2. Staples is also offering a $100 discount on iPad mini 4 WiFi only model.

Macbook Black Friday deals:

MacBook Black Friday deals

  • Adorama and MacMall: $100 off the 12-inch Retina MacBook
  • Best Buy:
    • 12-inch MacBook 256GB Silver - $1,149 ($150 off)
    • 11-inch MacBook Air 128GB - $774 ($125 off)
    • 13-inch MacBook Pro 256GB - $1,349.99 ($150 off)
  • B&H Photos:
    • 12-inch MacBook 2015 Gold - $1,179 ($120 off)
    • 12-inch MacBook 2015 Space Gray 256GB  - $1,179 ($120 off)
    • 12-inch MacBook 2015 512GB Gold - $1,429 ($170 off)
    • 12-inch MacBook 2015 512GB Silver - $1,429 ($170 off)
    • 12-inch MacBook 2015 512GB Space Gray - $1,399 ($200 off)
    • 11-inch MacBook Air 256GB - $979 ($120 off)
    • 13-inch MacBook Air 128GB - $879 ($120 off)
    • 13-inch MacBook Air 256GB - $1,079 ($120 off)
    • 13-inch MacBook 128GB - $1,179 ($150 off)
    • 13-inch MacBook Pro 256GB - $1,349.99 ($150 off)
    • 13-inch MacBook Pro 512GB - $1,599 ($200 off)
    • 15-inch MacBook Pro 256GB - $1,699 ($300 off)
    • 15-inch MacBook Pro 512GB - $2,249 ($250 off)

Savings on iMac:

Apple TV:

  • Target is offering 25% off on ALL Apple TVs. However, this is a doorbuster deal so stock is highly likely to be limited.