Apple Launches ‘Shot On iPhone’ Campaign For iPhone 6s – Photos


The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus both pack improved cameras compared to their predecessors, and Apple is not shy to highlight this fact one bit. So much so that the Cupertino tech giant is taking things up a notch and is spilling its 'Shot on iPhone' campaign from last year over to the iPhone 6s, highlighting brilliant photos taken from users around the globe using Apple's latest flagship smartphone.

iPhone 6s

Apple's New 'Shot On iPhone' Campaign Highlights iPhone 6s' Photographic Prowess

According to TIME, the 'Shot on iPhone' campaign focuses around the iPhone 6s camera this time around, and will feature 53 images, shot by 41 professional and amateur photographers from around the world. All the photos that are taken by users will be showcased on numerous billboards in 85 cities, spread across 26 countries. In other words, Apple is all set to market the iPhone 6s' photographic credentials in a far more broader manner.

Here are some of the photos that will be showcased in the new 'Shot on iPhone' campaign:

The details captured by the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus camera are outstanding to say the least, but also keep in mind that some of the shots above are doctored to achieve the desired effect, something which can't be accomplished straight off the lens.

While smartphone cameras have improved dramatically over the past few years, but Apple has always played it safe when it comes to the control it grants to the user. Granted, having full manual control lets you take even better photos, like how you can on a smartphone like Galaxy S6, but there's something about lack of controls that doesn't sway the photographer away from the subject that he or she might be shooting.

We're quite certain that Apple will significantly bump up the photographic and video credentials of the iPhone this year with the release of the iPhone 7, eventually enhancing the overall quality of the shot that we usually take when we're out and about. And it also remains to be seen whether or not the Cupertino giant will once again bump up the megapixel count on the rear camera module with the release of iPhone 7. But if the jump from the iPhone 5s to iPhone 6 is taken under consideration, then it's quite possible that Apple will retain the 12-megapixel sensor in the iPhone 7 as well. But we're certain that Apple will toss is certain bells and whistles to enhance the image quality and shooting experience for the user.

What will those enhancements you ask? We can't say for sure.