Apple Is Working on New Powerbeats4 Headphones, As Per iOS 13.3


Apple is working on new Powerbeats4 wireless headphones with Hey Siri support, as per new strings found in iOS 13.3's public build.

Powerbeats4 with H1 chip and Hey Siri Support

Powerbeats4 will be direct successors to Powerbeats3, which shipped with a W1 chip. As per the strings found in iOS 13.3 by 9to5Mac, Powerbeats4 will support hands-free Hey Siri. This means that the new wireless headphones will also ship with the new H1 chip, which enables this feature. H1 chip was introduced in second-generation AirPods, and also included in AirPods Pro. Compared to the W1 chip, the H1 chip provides faster connectivity and improved battery life.

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Apple released iOS 13.3 earlier today with several new features and improvements, which include communication limits in Screen Time, design updates to Apple News+ and more. This is not the first time that new products have been leaked in an iOS update. Previously, AirPods Pro were also discovered by 9to5Mac, when iOS 13.2 was released. Before that, a HomePod OS update also leaked a number of new products and updates.

Powerbeats3 currently sell for less than $90 on Amazon, which makes them an amazing deal. However, the sound quality is not so good, as evident by the 3 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Apple also offers Powerbeats Pro, which are also targeted towards the same 'workout' target market, as Powerbeats. However, Apple charges a premium of $250 for the H1 chip, improved sound quality and battery life in Powerbeats Pro.

It is unclear when Apple will actually release Powerbeats4. We are already in the holiday period, and Apple launched the AirPods Pro recently. The company would prefer that customers choose between second-generation AirPods, AirPods Pro, Powerbeats Pro, and Beats Solo Pro this holiday season. All these products were introduced in 2019.

Apple still sells Powerbeats3 for $200, so expect Powerbeats 4 to launch for the same price sometime next year, but hopefully with better sound quality.