Apple is Preparing iOS 16.1.1 With Fixes For WiFi and Advertising-Related Issues

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iOS 16.1.1 Bugs, Issues, and Fixes

Apple is preparing its forthcoming iOS 16.1.1 update to address a few bugs and issues that have been plaguing iPhone users. According to the latest, the company will release iOS 16.1.1 update soon to fix bugs related to WiFi and advertising framework.

Apple to Fix WiFi and Advertising Framework Issues in Future iOS 16 Updates

Apple will release iOS 16.1.1 soon for all compatible iPhone models with a fix for a WiFi bug that has been causing issues for users (via MacRumors). Take note that it is unclear what the full changelog will have in store for users. However, Apple could see fit to fix the widespread and persistent bug related to WiFi. If you are not familiar with the issue, the WiFi bug randomly disconnects from WiFi when the iPhone is left on standby. In our experience, the WiFi would connect to the internet when the iPhone is picked up or interacted with. This piles up all the important notifications to arrive at once.

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The company will also fix other issues like stuttering animations on the iPhone 14 Pro, slow Spotlight search, battery drain issues, and much more. Other than this, Apple's system status page suggests that a future iOS 16 update will fix issues related to the advertising framework SKAdNetwork. The company says that the issue began on November 3, but no further details were provided by the company.

"There is an issue impacting SKAdNetwork for users on iOS 16.1," says Apple. "We are working to quickly resolve this issue in a software update."

SKAdNetwork allows advertisers to measure the accuracy and success of ads by associating app installations with a specific ad campaign. The company released its major iOS 16.1 update two weeks ago with bug fixes and performance enhancements. The update also provided advertisers with tools to measure performance insights, support for web ads, and much more. The company is also testing iOS 16.2, which will launch sometime in December. Henceforth, we are not aware if both of these issues will be addressed in iOS 16.1.1 or iOS 16.2. If you are having WiFi and network issues on your iPhone, we would recommend you try these fixes.

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