Apple Announces Security Keys for Apple ID and New iMessage Contact Key Verification

Ali Salman
Apple Security for Apple ID iCloud and iMessage

Apple has announced a few new security updates for Apple ID, iCloud, and iMessage. The company is bringing enhanced security to Apple ID and iCloud and also adding support for Contact Key Verification on iMessage.

Apple Has Announced Physical Security Keys for Apple ID and iCloud Along WIth New iMessage Contact Key Verification

Apple announced that users will be able to protect their Apple ID and iCloud using physical Security Keys starting in 2023. What this means is that you will own a dedicated device that you can set up to act as the second layer of 2FA for your personal account. Apple states to 9to5mac:

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this Security Key system integrates with its device-to-device transfer process. So once authenticate your iPhone with the Security Key, you won’t have to do it again if you get a new iPhone so long as you use the device-to-device setup transfer process when setting up a new iPhone.

The Security Key will prevent advanced attacks on your account from unknown and untrusted devices. Apple says “This takes our two-factor authentication even further, preventing even an advanced attacker from obtaining a user’s second factor in a phishing scam." Apple will explore third-party options for the hardware Security Key devices.

Apple Security for Apple ID iCloud and iMessage

As for the iMessage Contact Key Verification, the feature will allow users to “further verify that they are messaging only with the people they intend.” The feature will alert users “if an exceptionally advanced adversary, such as a state-sponsored attacker, were ever to succeed breaching cloud servers and inserting their own device to eavesdrop on these encrypted communications.”

Take note that the sender and recipient of iMessage must have the Contact Key Verification feature enabled. Additionally, users can also tally a Contact Verification Code on FaceTime, in person, or through a secure call. You will be able to access the verification code through the Messages app. Apart from this, the company is also expanding end-to-end encryption for iCloud data.

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