iPhone XR Gets A 25% Discount In India, Apple Struggling With Brand Image?

Just like it did with the iPhone X, Apple overestimated demand for the iPhone XR and as a result, was forced to cut down orders from the smartphone's supply chain later on. The US' increasing trade hostilities with China didn't help and resulted in the company issuing its first earnings revision in years. After things settled, and in order to compete with companies such as Huawei, the Cupertino tech giant reduced its iPhone XR prices in China. Now, it's doing the same in India. Take a look below for more details.

Apple Has Reduced iPhone XR Prices In India By As Much As 25% In Order To Hedge Against Foreign Currency Fluctuations And Stimulate Demand

Apple's iPhone XR is expected to be an 'entry-level' gadget to the company's 2018 iPhone lineup. It features nearly similar specifications to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, save for an OLED display and 3D Touch. The device's primary drivers are the A12 processor and Face ID, and its primary 'turn-offs' are a clunky build and an unattractive display panel.

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Before we get to the details of today's price decrease, you'll be intrigued to know that the reason Apple's removed 3D Touch on the iPhone XR has to do with the gadget's display. Removing the feature allows Apple to round off the corners and make the XR resemble its 2018 counterparts. Now, a report from Reuters is claiming that after China, Apple has also reduced iPhone XR prices in India.

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According to 'people with direct knowledge of the matter', the iPhone XR's down by $250 in India, which translates into approximately 17,900 Indian rupees. At this point, it's also important to keep in mind that the price of the iPhone XR is still set at Rs. 76,900 (approximately $1111). But the sources claim that this drop is present in actual stores*. Apple does not officially operate its retail outlets in India but relies on third-party franchisers.

It's also uncertain whether Apple will officially decrease the iPhone XR's price on its Indian website. The Cupertino tech giant loves its premium brand image, and price cuts or 'discounts' don't blend in with this. We've seen 'limited-time' price reductions from the company go on for months recently, and judging by this, the Indian price cuts might be here to stay as well.

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*Update: We've confirmed that the price cuts for the iPhone XR have indeed taken place in Indian retail outlets. Additionally, while the Rs. 17,900 decrease is for the 64GB variant, prices for the 256GB variant have also gone down. The 256GB iPhone XR is now available for Rs 74,000 which is the pre-discount price of the 64GB iPhone XR.

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