More Trouble In Paradise; Wireless Charging Wears Out The iPhone X’s Batteries Quicker Than Traditional Means Suggest Tests


It's no secret. Apple had huge expectations for the iPhone X, and so far, the smartphone does not meet them. Not only did the device fail to meet sales expectations, Apple also had to cut down production, which is a rare occurrence when we talk about the iconic smartphone lineup. Add to this troubles with iOS 11, and once again, Cupertino has a lot on its plate. Now, looks like another storm is on the horizon for the company. Take a look below for the details.

Inductive Charging For The iPhone X Will Wear Out Its Battery Faster Than Traditional Charging As Phone Still Being Powered By The Battery When Being Wirelessly Charged

Over the past couple of months, battery life has created a lot of problems for Apple. After iOS 11, a lot of users with older iPhones reported unexpected device shutdown. Apple introduced new hardware on the 2017 iPhone lineup, which resulted in the trio featuring enhanced power management suitable for the latest iOS update. However, for older iPhones, advanced functionality with the software resulted in processor overload - that came accompanied with shutdowns due to low power.

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After significant uproar, Apple announced battery replacements for affected users, but the damage is done. Now, we're seeing reports of battery problems for the iPhone X. Before we get into these, it's wise to remember a critical fact about Apple. The company does not like to follow market trends when it comes to upgrades, choosing to march on its own tune. This is evident for wireless charging, as Apple only adopted the feature last year; undoubtedly after a lot of folks who love bandwagons chose to bash the company for not having it on the iPhone lineup.

Now, Adrian Hughes of ZDNet has some interesting claims for us. He's got an iPhone X and used wireless chargers for the smartphone. After only six weeks of usage, from January to March 15th, Adrian's iPhone X accumulated 45 recharge cycles, bringing the total count up to 135. If you'll recall, Apple considers batteries as 'spent' after 500 cycles. Of course, some iPhones last longer, but we're talking about a general principle. So why does wireless charging increase recharge cycles for the iPhone X? Well the answer is deceptively simple.

When you charge an iPhone X with a cable, it's the cable which powers the device. However, on inductive charging, the battery is responsible for providing power to the device. This results in undue strain, one which Apple either failed to inform users about again; or is itself unaware of. Whichever is the case, looks like another storm is headed Cupertino's way. Hopefully it's just smoke. Batten down the shutters folks, and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: ZDNet