Haptic Touch on iPhone XR to Improve as Apple Intends to Expand Its Use Overtime

Apple has cut corners on the iPhone XR to dial down the price, but apart from the low-resolution LCD display, most of the things eliminated do not really matter. Take 3D Touch for example, and while it is useful in some cases, it might not have clicked with users and developers alike. 3D Touch senses how deeply the display was pressed to trigger different commands.

According to Different Reports, Apple Is Expected to Find a Better Technology That Is Expected to Replace 3D Touch for the 2019 iPhone Lineup

Since the iPhone XR sports an edge-to-edge LCD display, Apple wasn’t able to include 3D Touch. As a substitute, Apple introduced Haptic Touch. A new layer of haptic feedback has been added which will make it easier to recognize when a certain feature is triggered. Haptic Touch tries to emulate 3D Touch as best as possible but it is not at the same level yet.

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Haptic Touch only works in a few places right now, such as in the Control Center, but according to the latest report, the new iOS update will bring it to more places. To get things right, Apple will keep the implementation process slow. However, the company hasn’t said when additional Haptic Touch gestures will be available. Haptic Touch can only be activated for actions that aren’t triggered as a result of a long press already. That’s why it does not work when the app icon is long pressed on the home screen of the iPhone XR.

The 3D Touch technology does not allow multiple configurations, but that is not the case with Haptic Touch as the haptic intensity is customizable. According to rumors, Apple’s supply chain partners have alleged that the next generation of iPhones will not have 3D Touch. This means that Apple is confident that with the inclusion of some additional features around Haptic Touch, 3D Touch technology will become redundant.

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