Apple Glass Reportedly Moving Into the Second Phase of Development – Could Be Unveiled This Year

Omar Sohail
Apple Glass Reportedly Moving Into the Second Phase of Development - Could Be Unveiled This Year

A previous talked about Apple working on releasing an AR headset later this year. While it wasn’t confirmed what this head-mounted wearable would be called, previous rumors have suggested that it’s termed the Apple Glass. According to a fresh set of details, the product has reportedly moved into the second phase of development, suggesting that an unveiling could be more than possible in 2021.

Actual Release of the Apple Glass May Happen in 2022, Not 2021

A report preview from DigiTimes behind a paywall (via MacRumors) mentioned the Apple Glass venture being turned into a potential product as it moves into the second phase of development. Unfortunately, there’s no telling how many development phases there are, but our gut tells us that it could be unveiled later this year and possibly released in 2022.

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Apple is likely experimenting with bringing a lightweight head wearable to the market. The last thing customers would desire is a massive eyepiece hanging in front of them, giving a great deal of encumbrance during travel or when going about their everyday work routine. There are also reports that Apple is planning an app store for the Apple Glass, though there’s no release timeline on this, unfortunately.

Then again, conflicting reports have other ideas. For one thing, it’s not expected that we see the product this early. In fact, there’s a possibility that Apple is working on not one but two versions of its AR headset. One is known by the codename N301, with a previous rumor stating that a sleeker pair of AR glasses codenamed N421 could launch in 2023.

The rumored price of the Apple Glass is $499, but depending on its production complications, Apple might raise the price accordingly. Of course, you must treat all this information with a pinch of salt, and we’ll be back with more details shortly.

If you’re interested, you can check out some nifty concepts of how the Apple Glass and its interface would work below.

News Source: DigiTimes

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