Apple Game Controller Could Be Charged Wirelessly While Also Having a Lightning Port

Apple Game Controller Could Be Charged Wirelessly While Also Having a Lightning Port

Apple is reported to be prepping a game controller that should help increase the Apple Arcade user base when it’s paired with the new 2020 Apple TV. The game controller itself will most likely feature a Lighting port but according to a tipster, the device may get charged wirelessly too.

The update comes from ‘a_rumors0000’ who earlier tweeted that the new Apple game controller will be ‘more advanced than the Atmark controller’ and stated that its release will take place next year. This means that the 2020 Apple TV rumored to feature an A12X Bionic will most likely not have this game controller as part of its accessories bundle.

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The game controller getting charged with a Lightning cable was quite obvious as Apple is not yet ready to give up its proprietary port. While we’d much rather hear the news that the Apple game controller would be charged via USB-C cable, the company needs to continue those royalty payments from third-party accessory manufacturers. However, the thing that surprised us the most is the game controller getting charged wirelessly.

A smartphone that’s compatible with a Qi wireless charging pad will need to have a glass back for the wireless induction process to start so does that mean the Apple game controller will also feature a glass bottom? There’s a possibility this might happen, but it might unnecessarily increase the cost of the controller and make it extremely fragile. What Apple could do is follow the same approach as it did with the AirPods Pro charging case, as it can charge wirelessly while being made of plastic.

In related news, the Apple game controller could also be paired with the company’s rumored ARM-based console and there’s a chance that more games arriving on the iPad could provide better controller support in the future. It’s no secret that Apple’s custom ARM chips deliver crazy performance in such a thin package and all that performance would go to waste if Apple doesn’t home in on other ventures, such as gaming.

Are you excited to see what this game controller will look like? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (a_rumors0000)

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