Apple’s Foldable iPhone Reportedly Getting Help From LG in Display Development


There’s a possibility Apple receives some assistance from LG Display as far as the company’s foldable iPhone development is concerned. Apparently, the Korean manufacturer will supply the Cupertino tech giant foldable OLED panels once everything is set in motion.

Previous Reports Have Suggested Apple Will Stick With a Clamshell Design for the Foldable iPhone

While we all would have guessed that Samsung would be the one supplying Apple with foldable OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone, DigiTimes believes LG will also play a role. Samsung was previously believed to have provided Apple some samples for testing last year, so it’s unclear how a report came out of the blue and put LG into the mix. What we do know is if it’s supplying Apple LTPS screens for the upcoming iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, then the technology giant might have some use for the display maker in this regard too.

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Unfortunately, the report doesn’t mention when we could see the foldable iPhone materialize though previous reports have provided some predictions. According to one, the foldable iPhone could arrive in 2023 with stylus support, while another one from Jon Prosser talked about a clamshell design similar to the Galaxy Z Flip. The tipster also mentioned a 2023 release timeline, assuming everything goes according to plan. The foldable iPhone display may also get chemically treated to attain more durability.

Though Apple is said to be testing two prototypes, we believe the clamshell one will release first, likely because we feel that there are few points of failure on this device. During its spare time, Apple can revise the design of a future foldable iPhone, so it doesn’t go through the same disaster as Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. Apple is usually late adopting such technologies as it wants them to mature first rather than release a half-baked product.

Still, looking at the improvements Samsung made with its Galaxy Z Fold 2 and with its Galaxy Z Fold 3 just around the corner, Apple should shorten the development time if it’s able to. Like always, treat this report with a pinch for now, and we’ll be back with more updates in the future, so stay tuned.

News Source: DigiTimes