Two Apple Executives Heading the Company’s Online Store, Information Systems Departments Are Leaving

Omar Sohail
Two Apple Executives Heading the Company's Online Store, Information Systems Departments Are Leaving

Less than two weeks after Apple’s Chief Industrial Design officer, Evans Hankey left the company, two more executives spearheading the company’s different departments have reportedly decided to part ways too.

One Apple Executive Is Retiring After Having Worked at the Company for Three Decades, Says Latest Report

Anna Matthiasson and Mary Demby will be leaving the company, according to the information that sources told Bloomberg on the condition of anonymity. Matthiasson had only secured her position at the California-based giant for three years before departing and held the role of Vice President of online retail. Demby, on the other hand, will likely have a more peaceful exit from the firm since she is retiring after dedicating three decades at Apple.

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Demby was the Chief Information Officer, and there is yet to be an announcement on who will fill her position. As for Matthiasson, her reasons for leaving Apple are unknown, but she will be replaced by Karen Rasmussen, a senior director of digital experience and eCommerce at the company. This series of departures reveal that Apple has lost three Vice Presidents, which is the highest management level below Chief Executive Officer, which Tim Cook currently occupies.

Apple’s Chief Privacy Officer, Jane Horvath, also left the company a few weeks ago, while the Vice President of Procurement, Tony Blevins, was removed from this position due to a TikTok video that went viral and showed the executive making crude remarks. Holding a top position at one of the largest companies in the world can be a daunting task, and few have the capability to hoist that responsibility on their shoulders.

One rumor claims that the reason for these resignations could be due to Tim Cook, as he was prioritizing the decisions made by executives instead of noting down the opinions of the entire team. This can cause delays in accomplishing several daily tasks, which can get in the way of the executives’ progress, forcing them to leave the company to avoid unnecessary stress.

News Source: Bloomberg

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