Apple’s Vice President of Procurement Is Forced to Leave the Company After Passing an Unlikable Comment in a TikTok Video

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Apple’s Vice Present of Procurement Is Forced to Leave the Company After Passing an Unlikable Comment in on TikTok Video

Apple likely prides itself on presenting the best version of itself to the public, and when one of its top executives starts behaving in an unsavory manner, the company has little choice but to enforce severe ramifications. That is what happened with Vice President of Procurement, Tony Blevins, who is now leaving the firm because of a comment he passed in a TikTok video.

TikTok Video Was Being Recorded by Daniel Mac, Who Posts Short Clips of People With Luxurious Cars

Known TikToker Daniel Mac has garnered immense popularity on other social media platforms as he posts short videos, recording people asking them what they do for a living if he spots them sitting inside an opulent vehicle. Unluckily for Apple’s VP of procurement, Blevins passed a crude comment when he was asked what he does for a living while sitting inside a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, which the TikToker believes costs half a million dollars.

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The entire clip is present on TikTok, and Blevins has come under a lot of fire for his comments, which was bound to happen since he is a known executive at one of the largest companies in the world. Apple later commenced an investigation into the matter, and after sufficient evidence was collected, Blevins was removed from his team of several hundred employees.

In his position, Blevins’ responsibility was working with suppliers and other partners to secure the best deals for Apple. He had some part to play in inking a deal with Globalstar, a company that is responsible for handling iPhone 14’s satellite communication. He also had a reputation for touting fierce negotiation tactics to get Apple the best possible prices, so the company significantly reduced its manufacturing costs and increased net margins.

With Blevins removed from this position, Jeff Willams, Senior Vice President of operations, will oversee the procurement duty. The decision to remove Blevins was decided by Williams, too, meaning he will now have major responsibilities on his shoulders until a suitable replacement can be found.

News Source: Bloomberg

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