Apple Preparing a ‘Portable Hybrid Console’ With a Brand New SoC That Offers Enhanced GPU Performance Increase

Apple Preparing a ‘Portable Hybrid Console’ With a Brand New SoC That Offers Enhanced GPU Performance Increase

The new Apple TV 4K with its A12 Bionic was more than a letdown because we were expecting some beefy hardware, which would prove that the company is taking gaming seriously. While that is not the case, it appears that a new rumor might give us some hope, but only a little. Apparently, Apple is working on a portable hybrid console that will feature a brand new SoC, and with it, we can expect some performance improvements along the way.

Custom SoC for Rumored Portable Hybrid Console May Also Feature Ray Tracking Support

A post spotted on the Korean community website Clien talks about Apple preparing a Switch-like console. Qualcomm was recently reported to be working on something similar, but many readers would be wondering that if Apple’s iPhone and iPad line are already touting powerful chipsets, what is the need for such a product? Overall, Apple’s mobile devices are not geared towards gamers, so even if the hardware is more than capable, iPhones and iPads are not designed to have thick internal cooling systems as Apple prioritizes a sleek form factor.

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This rumored portable hybrid console might have some room to pack a capable cooler, and some others aspects may set it apart from the rest of Apple’s products. Firstly, the post claims that the company is working on a new SoC, and it will not be categorized under the A-Series of M-series of chipsets. Previously, MauriQHD spoke about Apple working on an ARM-based console, but it was rumored to tout an A-series chip, not a brand new one. With this console, Apple could make it slightly thicker, and a larger display means more surface area for spreading the heat.

Apple may be working on multiple prototypes in secrecy, as the company was previously rumored to have sent an Apple TV featuring an A14X Bionic to developers for testing purposes. Perhaps the biggest difference of this portable hybrid console is its SoC delivering enhanced GPU performance and providing ray tracing support. The rumor also says that Apple is negotiating with notable game developer Ubisoft, possibly to bring exclusive titles to the Apple Arcade.

After all, what Apple Arcade truly needs to even bring casual gamers to the fold are some engaging and immersive titles that also exude improved graphics. Apple certainly develops chips capable for gaming, so why not develop a dedicated console for that too? In related news, the technology giant was rumored to be working on a gaming-focused Mac that was set to drop in 2020, but as you can see, that did not happen.

There is a huge chance Apple scraps this project, too, so for now, we want our readers to treat this rumor with a pinch of salt. The company is currently developing the M1X or M2 for future MacBook Pro models. If this chipset could deliver a convincing performance boost in games, Apple would not need to develop a separate chipset.

News Source: Clien

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