Apple Could Launch a New Version of iMessage Next Year With AR Capabilities and More

Ali Salman
New iMessage With AR

Apple released iOS 16 with a wide range of new features last month. While the highlight of the update is the new customizable Lock Screen, the company also added a wide range of extensions for existing features. Today, a leaker states that Apple is working on a new version of iMessage with multiple features like chat rooms and AR. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple to Launch a New Version of iMessage Alongside Its AR Headset With a Home View, Chat Room, AR Functionality, and More

Leaker Majin Bu shared on Twitter that Apple is working on a version of iMessage with a boatload of new features like home view, video clips, chat room, and more. Additionally, the app will also feature "new chat features in AR" and will be released sometime next year alongside the company's rumored AR Headset.

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With iOS 16, iMessage brings the ability to edit and delete recently sent messages. Furthermore, you can mark conversations as unread and much more. It makes perfect sense for Apple to add AR features in the iMessage app, especially if it will be connected to Apple's forthcoming AR Headset. It was previously rumored that the headset's operating system will be called "rOS" or "realityOS" which is internally codenamed as "Oak". The references to the operating system were confirmed in the App Store upload logs as well as Apple's open-source code.

Apple's realityOS will feature existing apps with AR extensions and capabilities. Henceforth, a new version of iMessage with AR functionality makes sense next year. We have also previously heard that Apple will launch the AR Headset in the first quarter of 2023. It was also recently uncovered that the headset will use iris-scanning biometrics for payments and account logins.

Majin Bu shared details on a new smart multitasking system for iPadOS which could be limited to iPad models with an M1 chip. Henceforth, the source has revealed some accurate information in the past. Nonetheless, since the final word rests with Apple, be sure to take the news with a grain of salt.

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