Apple’s AR Headset Launch Aimed at a 2020 Release, the Same Year for an ARM-Based Macs Unveiling

Omar Sohail
AR Headset Launch, ARM-Based Macs From Apple Slated for 2020 Release

Apple’s AR headset launch rumors have seen a variety of changes, but a 2020 release has been viewed as a consistent and potential timeline for the company. The wearable is said to arrive next year and is expected to provide a ton of features. Additionally, Apple’s ARM-based Macs might debut in 2020 too, giving customers more options down the road.

The AR Headset Launch Might Also Be Accompanied by an App Store Specifically Designed for the Wearable

Though Apple is planning an AR headset launch next year, it’s possible the company might push back the originally intended timeline if the product needs additional development. Keep in mind, a previous report stated that the project was terminated, and shortly after, a key Apple employee was shifted to spearhead the entire project, possibly making sure that the software ran at an optimized level.

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As to what this product will be capable of doing, Bloomberg reports that Apple’s AR headset will apparently be able to pair wirelessly with an iPhone to display information ranging from map data, emails and messages. All of these stats are expected to be shown on the wearable’s visor. It’s also possible the wearer would be able to play games on the product and here’s an interesting development; the AR headset launch might be accompanied by its own App Store.

Apple’s ARM-Based Macs Also Said to Announce in the Same Year, Bringing Additional Battery Life

Apple has experienced a tremendous amount of success in developing custom-made silicon for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The company’s MacBooks continue to use Intel processors, and that might all change in 2020 when the first wave of ARM-based Macs arrive.

According to a previous report, Apple wants ARM-based Macs to arrive as early as next year, with the company apparently having recruited an ARM CPU designer to get the job done. The company was also said to be hiring top talent from Intel to expedite its work on ARM-based Macs. All of this info suggests that Apple is adamant about bringing these machines next year.

Of course, there’s a lot more to be excited for 2020 and we’ll make sure you get updated on timely information in the future, so stay tuned.

News Source: Bloomberg

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