Apple’s AR Headset Could Launch as Soon as January 2023, Analyst Claims It May the Most ‘Revolutionary Consumer Product After the iPhone’

Apple’s AR Headset Could Launch as Soon as January 2023, Analyst Claims It May the Most ‘Revolutionary Consumer Product After the iPhone’

As we wait for the arrival of Apple’s AR headset, one analyst predicts its launch might happen as early as January 2023 while also making lofty claims that this product will be the most revolutionary in the consumer category after the iPhone.

Initial Shipments Will Be Low Due to High Asking Price of Premium Mixed Reality Headsets, Says Analyst

Even though in 2023, Apple’s products will have high expectations, especially its heavily rumored AR headset, there are doubts from investors regarding the user experience and low shipment estimates of 1.5 million, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Regardless, he believes that the head-mounted wearable will be the most revolutionary consumer electronics product after the iPhone, hinting at Apple’s ambitious plans for its upcoming product.

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The iPhone has churned several product variants ranging from the iPad to connecting wirelessly to AirPods, hence creating a whole ecosystem. The AR headset deviates from Apple’s regular hardware, bringing in something completely fresh and, might we add, untested to the market. Kuo states that the AR headset is not expected to see a massive shipments rise because of its rumored price in the $2,000-$2,500 range.

Assuming the product picks up momentum shortly after its inception, Apple can experiment with a different price when it launches the successor, which it is already rumored to be working on. The company’s rumored AR Glasses have started its product development phase, suggesting that Apple has pooled massive resources and talent to bring these products to market. In short, Apple is all-in on the augmented reality train.

One major selling point of Apple’s AR headset will be its unrivaled horsepower. According to one report, the base model could run the company’s latest M2 silicon, paired with 16GB of RAM. This level of hardware in a device like this is necessary to accelerate and render augmented and mixed-reality content smoothly. Apple Silicon has proven to be highly power-efficient, so even in a compact body like the AR headset, we doubt that users will run into overheating and performance throttling issues.

Still, Apple did not traverse a smooth road during the development of the AR headset and has experienced several problems, including software, so to comment that Apple’s progress with its head-mounted wearable was arduous would be a massive understatement. We expect that there will be some complaints from the first iteration, as it is with nearly every product of a unique category, and if those are hardware problems, we believe they will be addressed in the next headset.

Are you excited to see Apple’s AR headset in action? Do you agree with Kuo’s claim about the product being revolutionary? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Weixin

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