Say What? Xcode Suggests 2018 iPhone 9 Will Feature A 2 Year Old A10 Processor


Appel's widely expected to launch three new iPhones this year. These will be differentiated broadly into two categories, personal and professional. Additionally, we've also heard rumors of a third smartphone, that's expected to bring down the iPhone's price point and provide users with nearly similar hardware specifications as on the other smartphones for 2018. Sound too good to be true? It might be. Head over below for more details.

Xcode References For The 6.1" iPhone 9 Hint At Outdated Hardware Indicating A Confused Approach From Apple

While things have settled down in regards to rumors for the 2018 iPhone lineup at the moment, they hadn't early on in the year. We saw a lot of rumors for an iPhone SE 2, that varied wildly in their details. Some sources claimed an iPhone X-esque design on a smaller form factor; others believed that Apple would instead follow the iPhone 8/8 Plus' design theme but at a reduced price point and top-tier hardware.

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As rumors for the iPhone SE 2 died down, those for an iPhone 9 (tentatively dubbed) started to increase. Several reputed sources reported that Apple's got a 6.1" LCD iPhone under the works, that will remove features such as 3D Touch and start at $699. The smartphone will also feature at least five different colors suggested TF International's Ming-Chi Kuo.

However, now we've got some information that combines details for an iPhone SE 2 and the iPhone 9. Developers have dug around in Xcode and made some startling discoveries. A 6.1" LCD iPhone is referred to as ''iPhone xx'', ''iPhone 9,7'', and ''LCP'' with the model number ''N84". N84, if you'll recall, first surfaced back in March and was expected as an Apple prototype for a low-powered ARM notebook.

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Xcode Lists The iPhone 9 With Apple's A10 Fusion Processor, Suggesting A New Approach From The Company

The interesting thing that developers have discovered, is the device mentioned above will run on Apple's A10 Fusion processor - launched originally on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This is interesting as it makes the 'iPhone 9' a completely different device from what you'd expect on an iPhone SE 2. See, in contrary to what most folks believe, the iPhone SE was not a low-cost substitute for the iPhone 6s.

It featured the Apple A9, at a time when the company was under criticism for 'abandoning' users who preferred smaller screens. Apple, therefore, equipped the iPhone 5s' form factor with the iPhone 6s' critical hardware specifications. Thus, the iPhone SE was born; a gadget with a more than adequate power punch in a small package. However, if the iPhone 9 features the A10, then this will suggest a confused or should we say 'different' approach from the Apple.

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At one end, Apple will equip the smartphone with two years' old hardware; which, given the A11's massive performance gains and the upcoming A12's 7nm die will cast a serious shadow on the 2018 iPhone lineup. At the other, with Face ID on the iPhone 9, Apple will dilute the feature's high-end image significantly. Will the public go for a smartphone with a two-year-old processor simply for the sake of 3D facial recognition?

Especially when users who the device intends to target are already accustomed to Touch ID? Additionally, if Apple really does try to combine Face ID with the A10, then how will its algorithms for 3D facial recognition work? Of course, you can say that the A11's Neural Engine isn't much more than added DSP cores, but this once again suggests a tweak in processor architecture at the least.

Even if Apple prices the iPhone 9 at $699, it'll be an unattractive bargain; with the iPhone 8 or even the iPhone 7 lineup becoming a much more viable upgrade option. That's to say if the existing users don't already have the iPhone 7. Remeber, the iPhone 9 is expected to entice older users into upgrading. Taking a look at all this, we'd suggest that you take this information with a grain of salt.

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