Aperture Investment Opportunities, spend your money wisely … ON SCIENCE!

Aperture Science, the people who created the Portal gun which helped Chell escape her evil captor GladOS has some interesting investment opportunities to show the general public. These ad's have been voiced by "Cave Johnson" the C.E.O of Aperture Science shows you some "wise investment opportunities"

The first is Panels, which are the planks of tomorrow! Ever tired of look at the same walls over and over again and not having the floor being pulled under your feet unexpectedly? Panels help solve this issue to help make your daily life with floors more ... thrilling

The second is more interesting and details the company plans on "Bot Trust" with extensive research done to show that Robots are 6 seconds more reliable than humans the two bots in the video "Atlas" and "P-Body" were nameless ... until now these two show us the different exercises they have gone through to achieve a record of +6 second trust compare to their human counter parts.

Watching both the videos in 720p really helps enhance the experience, This is one game which I am definitely looking forward to. Valve is certainly giving this game a lot of attention I wish they could do the same for Half Life 2 Episode 3 or whatever the next HL game will be, but for now Portal 2 will keep my mind off HL for a good year or two. At least until Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3 or Team Fortress 3 comes out.

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