AOC Launches New 32 Inch 1080P Monitor for $229


AOC, a well-known brand in monitor display technology, today announces its newest monitor the C32V1Q, an immersive curved 32-inch monitor built for work and home entertainment. The C32V1Q is available now at Newegg and Amazon for $229. The C32V1Q is AOC's newest curved monitor. The monitor features a minimalistic well-built design with a glossy black body, metallic silver finish and sleek curves. The curved ultra-slim frameless design is perfect for multi-display viewing and enables seamless multi-monitor setups designed to boost productivity.

AOC Launches New 32-Inch 1080P Monitor

The borderless display offers a detailed 1920x1080 resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. The VA panel has viewing angles of 178 degrees, allowing users to enjoy consistent color uniformity and accuracy at all angles. The display also has a 20M:1 dynamic contrast with a 4ms response time, and features several different inputs, including one VGA, one DisplayPort and one HDMI for connectivity of all users' high-quality digital video and audio devices.

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In addition to offering sharp picture quality and a beautiful design, the C32V1Q offers a host of wellness features to reduce eye fatigue during screen time. AOC's exclusive Flicker-free technology utilizes a hybrid solution to regulate brightness and reduce flicker for a more comfortable viewing experience, while AOC's LowBlue mode reduces the amount of potentially irritating blue light emitted by the monitor without compromising the excellent image quality. Finally, AOC's Clear Vision function is an image performance engine which converts standard definition (SD) content to high definition (HD), enabling images to appear more clear and vivid.

Frankly even with all of these features, it does seem quite a bit expensive, and 32 inches at 1080P is a rather low pixel density, though perhaps for some users who need the screen size but not the resolution this may be a decent choice, since monitors of this size that are ultrawide and curved tend to be a bit expensive. I do find the lack of Freesync support a bit disappointing though.

Pricing And Availability

The C32V1Q is available now at Newegg and Amazon for $229.99