AOC Announces The AG273QX – An HDR 400, 165Hz, 27″ Monitor That Costs Under $350


AOC's AGON series has added a new product to the lineup known as the AG273QX, this monitor is more focused on gamers with its high refresh rate of 165Hz and its HDR 400 certification, which means that the minimum brightness in cd/m2 of 400. AG273QX's port array includes VGA, DisplayPort 1.2 x1 and HDMI 2.0 x1, along with 4 USB 3.0s available for passthrough into the connected computer.

The AG273QX as of right now is unavailable, it's set to be released sometime in November of 2019.

The release date as of right now is sometime in November of 2019, for Europe, where the monitor will cost 509 Euro (price inclusive of tax) however the launch price tag in the US is suggested at around $349 US, which would mark this monitor as underpricing most other 165hz monitors.

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The FreeSync 2 HDR is only up to the rating HDR 400, which has a minimum brightness of 400 brightness in cd/m2 , along with that it only has a color gamut for sRGB rather than the WCG, sadly the dimming technology is also not Zone-Level, a very common industry feature to have, it is Screen-Level. This means that instead of lighting up the spot where your mouse is, it would brighten your entire screen.

The refresh rate of the AG273QX is 165Hz which lends itself to the gaming community, which is over twice the monitor industry standard of 60Hz. The blazing-fast response time of 1ms keeps the LCDs changing to keep up with the 165Hz VA Panel. The amazingly smooth refresh rate will keep up with how fast your graphics card pushes out this frame, along with FreeSync 2, which makes sure that there is no screen tearing, by keeping the variable refresh rate.

The resolution of 1440p makes the visual of the stunning amazing, no matter the distance away from your monitor the screen will look great and be smooth with FreeSync 2 technology.

In conclusion, this monitor is definitely focused on the gaming community, one thought to keep in mind is that this monitor is a 165Hz 1440p monitor, so you would need a system able to keep up with how many frames and the high resolution of the monitor. I would suggest at least an i7-8700k as the CPU along with a high-end graphics card to power and fully utilize this monitor.