Anthem New Gameplay Video Showcases Endgame Content

Francesco De Meo

New gameplay footage has emerged for Anthem, the upcoming PC and console game developed by BioWare.

The new footage, which has been shared by the PlayStation Korea channel, focuses on the endgame content, showcasing weapons, enemies and much more.

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Last week, additional information came on some quality of life fixes that will be coming to the PC version of Anthem.


  • Raw Mouse Input Fixed

    • We found and fixed a bug that caused the symptom of negative acceleration

Flight and Swimming

  • Increase Available Range for Mouse Sensitivity Options

    • Flight and swim sensitivity sliders now allow for more than double the range it offered before. This allows different mouse DPI settings (specifically extremely high or low) to better fit into our in-game swim/flight sensitivity settings.

  • PC Flight Box is now a Circle

    • PC Flight Cursor is now constrained by a circle boundary instead of a box. This allows better turn/speed management as the distance away from center dot (which dictates the speed of your turn) is always the same maximum amount in any direction.

  • Added Auto-Centering for PC Flight

    • Added auto-centering behavior on swimming and flying by default for PC.

    • When mouse input stops (after a delay) the crosshair will automatically return to center.

  • Resolved bug with Sprint/Fly on Button Press

    • We’ve resolve a jittering/FX spam issue bug that players would receive when playing with hold-to-fly (rather than toggle) option for flight.

  • Raw Mouse Input is now achievable in PC Flight

    • By setting Flight/Swim Response and Precision settings sliders to 0% you can now achieve raw mouse input.

  • Default Flight and Swim Sensitivity Settings Updated

    • All default PC flight and swim sensitivity settings are now tuned to 1200 DPI instead of 1800 DPI.

    • Default flight and swim sensitivity changed from 50% and 35% respectively, to both being 40%.

      • This is the same as having both set to 100% with our previous sensitivity tuning, and since swimming was lower sensitivity than flight it’s seen an even bigger boost in responsiveness at default settings.

  • Tuned Flight/Swim Response and Precision Default Settings and Curves

    • The defaults are now much closer to raw mouse input.

    • Adjusted defaults for Precision / Response:

      • 25% for flight and swim precision down to 15%

      • 50% for flight and swim response down to 30%

    • Tweaked flight and swim response to ease into the slowing down behavior close to center in a less steep way than before.

List of UI Changes for Launch (15th Feb / 22nd Feb)

  • UI Clicking on visible options in menus fixed for 15th Feb (except social which is 22nd Feb)

  • Navigating Menu tabs with Q and E instead of old keybindings fixed for 15th Feb

  • Forge rotation speed with mouse improved – 15th Feb

  • Scrolling with mouse wheel wont zoom your javelin AND scroll the menu (will be contextual based on where your mouse is) – 15th Feb

  • D-Pad will show as keyboard bindings – 15th Feb

  • Turning off Motion Blur in settings now works (decoupled from post processing) – 22nd Feb

  • HDR toggle available – 22nd Feb

  • Camera Shake slider added – 22nd Feb

Anthem launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 22nd.

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