Anker’s Essential iPhone X Accessories Are on Sale Today – Lightning Cable, Charger & Screen Protector


Looking to score a high-quality Lightning cable, wall charger and a screen protector for your iPhone X? Well, this is your lucky day then.

Anker's Latest Sale Lands You a Lighting Cable for $6.39, 2-Pack iPhone X Screen Protector for $5.99, 4-Port Wall Charger for $19.49.

If there's anyone who knows how to throw in a good deal, it's definitely Anker. The company has a knack for tossing in a deal or two on an almost regular basis. In fact, if you are not an impulse buyer, then you can literally grab anything from Anker on a discount on a fine day. Today is that day, and the company has three essential iPhone X accessories on a wonderful sale. This includes a 3-feet PowerLine Lightning cable, a 2-pack of their KARAPAX screen protector for the iPhone X and a 4-port wall charger.

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Anker PowerLine Lightning Cable 3-feet - Regular price $7.99, Now $6.39.

This cable might look like the one which Apple ships with every iPhone, but it's pretty tough. Like, really very tough. It can withstand more bends than the stock cable and takes a beating like no other. If I were I would pick up two of these. One for the home and one for the road.

Use the code ANKER811 at checkout to grab your discount.

Anker PowerPort 4 Wall Charger - Regular price $25.99, Now $19.49.

Why buy a single port charger when you can get a 4-port mammoth straight from Anker? But wait, that's not all, the PowerPort 4 is capable of fast charging any device too thanks to PowerIQ.

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Use the code AAAA2142 at checkout to grab your discount.

Anker KARAPAX iPhone X Screen Protector 2-Pack - Regular price $7.99, Now $5.99.

A 2-pack of Anker's finest screen protector for the iPhone X. It even ships with an alignment frame so you can apply the protector perfectly every single time. Sounds professional doesn't it?

Use the code KRPSP118 at checkout to grab your discount.

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