Google to Bring Official Android Wear Support for iOS – Confirms 4.4 Code


Google has been working on bringing support for iOS devices with Android Wear, "iOS related code" in Android Wear 4.4 code gives some hope!

Android Wear iOS support:

We have often seen discoveries of new functionality and upcoming features through coding of the OS. Many hidden features, capabilities, and functionality is added in to the code before the OEMs launch those features. This sets up the OS framework and helps the engineers to test these functions in beta at the back end. However, hackers and pro-users have at many times managed to get to those hidden features hinting at some delicious upcoming capabilities that may not be offered presently.

In a similar way, a tweet by @MohammadAG claimed that the Android Wear 4.4 code has some iOS related coding inside it which could confirm that Google has been trying to work on offering iOS support. Android Wear 4.4 has been here for quite sometime which was then replaced by Android 5.0 as the latest Wear OS. Aforementioned Twitter user didn't confirm if the support is added in the latest Android 5.0 code as well.

It is expected that we will see official Android Wear OS support from Google being announced at the Google I/O conference in May this year. This could prove to be the best time to bring iOS support as it's the same time as Apple finally launches its Apple Watch too. Looking at latest reports and polls, it is being expected that Apple Watch will increase the sales of iPhone this year and that iPhone owners might be the first to get an Apple Watch. By offering Android Wear iOS support, Google may not be able to get the share of loyal Apple fans, but it would give the current iPhone owners at least some reason to stick to / buy Android Wear devices.

Note: MuhammadAG has been digging into Android Wear code trying to make it work with the (non-jailbroken) iPhone 6.

Source: Twitter