Android TV is Getting a Bunch of Useful Features


Android TV is getting three new features, and the purpose here is to simplify keeping tabs on and finding new content.

For starters, you are getting a Watchlist; this is available from multiple devices and other Google platforms like Search and the Google TV app. This feature will allow users to keep tabs on the content that they wish to watch later. Do add shows, movies, or more to the list, long-press them from the Discover tab, and then tap "Add to Watchlist." Google has also gone ahead and added a row to the Discover tab that allows for quick access to this content.

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Android TV is Receiving Some Useful Quality of Life Improvements

Additionally, a new card in the Discover tab will let users gain access to this feature. After you tap the card, you can then click left or right to dislike or like the content that has been presented to them. You are not looking at a Tender-esque way, but it is close.

According to Google, once you are done, your Discover tab will update with recommendations that will be fine-tuned. Users will access the feature by heading to Settings > Device > Preferences > Home Screen > Content Preferences.

Last but not least, Android TV users are also going to get access to auto-playing trailers on a movie or show's details page. You can, of course, switch this off by heading to Settings > Device Preferences > Home Screen > toggle off Enable video previews. However, for those who want to keep the feature on, Google believes that this feature will deliver a more cinematic experience.

For those wondering when these features will roll out to Android TV, Google has confirmed that you can expect the new Watchlist recommendation tweaking tool and refreshed details page to roll out this week.

While not substantial by any means, I believe these little changes to be quality of life improvements will improve the overall user experience of all Android TV users.