Android P to Feature Software Optimized for iPhone X Like Notch

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The notch on the iPhone X, albeit feature-rich and a marvel of technology, has received a lot of criticism from long-time fans and critics alike. Many people deem the notch to be unsightly and claim that it ruins the aesthetics of the otherwise perfect iPhone X. However, it looks like the industry has different plans, and Google is all set on developing software around the infamous notch.

It looks like Google wants to woo iPhone users to transition to Android, and an iPhone X type notch is a significant step in achieving that goal. Other than familiarity factor, the notch can also host several sensors, multiple cameras and a lot more, which can significantly enhance the Android experience for new users. One of the few setbacks of many Android devices is that they don't look as good as their Apple counterparts, and a notch, coupled with a bezel-less display will go a long way in changing that. A good chunk of smartphone users prefers ergonomics over functionality, which is why they opt for older Apple devices instead of similarly priced, newer Android counterparts.

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The initiative might look good on paper and even yield the intended results, but it is by no means an easy task to pull off. Google has to bear in mind the strengths and limitations of several hundred OEMs that use the Android operating system on their devices. Not everyone will manufacture their device with a notch, but we can be certain of the fact that several companies will be more than willing to try it out.

It's unlikely that Samsung will make a notched smartphone, considering that they mocked the iPhone X shortly after its release, but you never know. Google took digs at the iPhone 7 not featuring a headphone jack and proceeded to leave it out of their next flagship. Currently, the only Android phone with a notch is the Essential Phone, with Huawei planning on releasing a similarly designed device soon.

Bear in mind; this is by no means a bid to copy Apple. We first saw it on the Essential Phone, which was released before the iPhone X. It is possible that Google may have been working on it for years, and have finally gone around to implementing it in their code.

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News Source: Bloomberg

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