Android P Could Release on the 20th of August

Anil Ganti
Android P

Google released the final version of the Android P beta last week. The changelog of the said beta was virtually blank, indicating that Android P was more or less ready to hit the market. According to Google's timeline for the yet-to-be-named OS, it was supposed to be released before the end of Q3 2018. Today, famed leaker Evan Blass Tweeted out an image of a calendar with the letter P on the 20th.

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There's not a lot the letter P could indicate other than the upcoming version of Android. The date makes sense, considering that Oreo was released on August 20th last year. Let's take a look at some of the features that Android P has to offer

What we know about Android P so far

Over the past few months, we've seen several potential Android P features make their way into the beta releases of the software. Some of them might make it to the final build and others might be rolled out OTA after ironing out any kinks. We can expect navigation gestures, several features to keep check of your smartphone usage, an improved do not disturb mode, app actions and slices. Google promised the features mentioned above at I/O 2018, so we can be certain they'll be there. Support for up to five Bluetooth connections will now be possible on compatible devices (running Bluetooth 5.0). Notification management gets better as Android will let you know which app sent you a notification at that time. Until now, one had to rely on third-party applications for the privilege.

There are a bunch of cosmetic changes too. The Quick Settings menu gets a fresh coat of paint along with several UI elements. Most importantly, it brings a slew of security features that could go a long way in preventing unscrupulous apps from spying on you via camera or microphone. You can read more about the changes here. Now, the only thing remaining is what the P stands for. My money is on Poptart.

What will the latest version of Android be called?
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