Final Android P Beta Build Released; Factory Images and OTAs Live

Anil Ganti

The last and final iteration of the Android P beta is rolling out today. The rollout is proceeding as scheduled, and we can expect a stable version of Android P to roll out before Q3 2018. The release contains all the final APIs and system behaviours developers can depend upon for testing apps. Developer documentation for Android P testing is available at Google's Android Developers site. The release notes for the build are minimal and merely state what was stated above. Most notably, the list of known issues that we saw with previous releases is also gone, indicating that this is the most stable of all the releases.

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People who have already enrolled in the beta program should begin receiving the update OTA shortly. You might have to wait a couple of hours, though. Additionally, if you can't be bothered to wait for an OTA, factory images of the update are live too. All you need to do is sideload the image to your device and you're all set. We really wouldn't recommend it, but if it is something that piques your interest, further instructions can be found here. You can find your device-specific files below.

Do bear in mind that this is an unstable version of Android and many apps might not work as intended. We do not recommend flashing it on your daily driver as you may have less than an ideal experience with it. However, feel free to tinker around with it if you have a spare Pixel lying around.

We can expect other OEMs to follow suit soon. Last time, Essentials released the developer preview for the PH1 merely hours after Google did. Hopefully, things remain just as snappy this time around too. It's still too early to determine what the new build brings in terms of user-facing changes. We'll keep you updated once we know more.

News Source: Android Developers

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