Apple App Store To Get A Massive Revamp, Paid Search Results In Tow As Well

Uzair Ghani

The App Store is somewhat of a mess right now, specially when it comes to search. But this whole fiasco could become a thing of the past, as a new report has surfaced, claiming that the Cupertino outfit is working tirelessly behind the scenes to revamp the App Store while also bringing other features to the table that will benefit developers.

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Apple Is Working To Revamp The Search Capabilities Of The App Store

According to a report published by Bloomberg, Apple has a secret team of 100 people, headed by Apple Vice President Todd Teresi, who used to lead the iAd initiative from Cupertino itself. The team is working to enhance the search capabilities of the App Store giving users more relevant results when they type certain keywords.

But that's not all, the company is even looking into the possibility of allowing developers to buy certain keywords so that their apps or games are more prominent in search results whenever a user types in a certain keyword. For example, Instagram could buy the keyword 'image editing' and their app would come out on top every time a user searches for it on the App Store.

It's absolutely unknown at this time when these changes will be made live for everyone to use. But if the amount of effort Apple is putting into this is anything to go by, then our gut feeling tells us we should see it roll out with the introduction of iOS 10 at WWDC 2016.

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While we do support the idea, we really wish Apple works on revamping the search feature of the App Store in such a way that new and latest iOS supporting apps come out on top every single time when a search is kicked off. At this point in time there are hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store that haven't been updated to even support the newer iPhones or iPads. Heck, they haven't been updated to support even iOS 7, but they still come out on top whenever a search is initiated in a lot of cases. This is something which Apple should be working on the most.

We have a good feeling that Apple will eventually listen to our cry for help in the days and months to come, but till then we have this good news of the incoming search feature of the App Store to drool over.

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