The Best Android File Organizer

Sohaib Ahmad

Your files on your SD card or your internal memory of your phone are mostly jumbled up. When transferring data from a PC to a mobile, generally we just copy and paste anywhere we see fit. A new app from Redirect Dev takes full care of this problem, clean up this mess.

How To Organize Android Files - Redirect

With Redirect you can move files of a single type to a particular place. One can move all the .apk files from within the SD card to a single folder by a single button.

"The concept is simple, you create a 'Redirect/s' in my app that contains some info about how you want your device organised (eg. Move Movie and Video files to the /movies folder), once you've created it once the app will automatically organise however you have told it to.
- Move your Video files to one folder.
- Move your gifs to one place.
- Consolidate your music.
- Automatically manage files from your Internal Storage to SD Card with no intervention!
- Easily backup files.
- Keep your work documents organised.
- Make a mistake or don't like how it is organised? - Just click undo and try again."

Follow these steps :

  • Create a Custom Redirect.
  • Mention a file type, like pdf,jpeg,gif etc.
  • Select destination folder.
  • Save and run the "Redirect".

Your files will have been transferred from everywhere to the location you specified.  Redirect is a well thought App organizer if not the best Android File Organizer.Although this application does not have an intuitive file explorer, it does exactly what is is advertised to do, redirect files.


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