Apple A8 Chipset May Be Manufactured By TSMC

Sohaib Ahmad

Apple's next gen chipset, the A8 may be manufactured by TSMC ( Taiwan Semi-conductor Manufacturing Limited). The Wall street journal in June reported that Apple and TSMC had a breakthrough in their understanding and hinted at the possibility of TSMC taking over Apple's chip manufacturing.

Samsung May Not Make Apple's Next SOC

The coming year will most probably see chips made in 16nm fabrication technology. Apple's A8 is rumored to be a 20nm chip. Even then, TSMC will have the capability to manufacture it.

"Analysts say that mass 20nm chip production could put TSMC in a position to dethrone Samsung Electronics Co as the supplier of Apple Inc’s next-generation A8 chip next year","The company is expected to ship 165,000 20nm chips to Apple next year, accounting for 10 percent of its revenue that year, Daiwa Capital Markets analyst Eric Chen".

Only a few big companies will have the capability to order 16nm chips, that too in very small quantities. According to some analysts, Samsung will still yet manufacture some percentage of the A8 chip, possibly around 30-40%.

The Authenticity of this report is not fully certain, however we can trust Apple to design its chipsets keeping in mind the performance as well as the efficiency. The A7 chipset did blow away other Android SOC's, we suspect the Apple A8 to do no less.


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