Android 8.1 Developer Preview Brings Buttery Smooth Scrolling Experience


Android 8.1 Developer Preview launched a few days back and is available for Pixel and Nexus phones. It is a developer preview adorned with some nifty new features that are essential for a spotless performance. Today, we learned that the preview has brought smooth scrolling onboard, which makes the entire experience better and smoother for the users. Users on Android 8.1 Developer Preview have reported about the performance boost that the update has brought to their device, explicitly concerning scrolling.

It's worth noting that Android 8.1 is a developer preview and is laced with some bugs. So, it is best to wait for the official version before getting it on your devices. But, if you are among those who like to try features before everyone else then go ahead and treat yourself with Android 8.1 Developer Preview.

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Buttery smooth scrolling

A Reddit user named Scoularis envisions that,"Google has implemented an extra frame buffer to the Android renderer, and the end-result is perfectly smooth v-synced scrolling with nearly a dropped frame in sight". While many users are testifying about the smooth scrolling experience on Android 8.1, we are yet to read a detailed technical explanation from Google. We will update this article once Google shares more in-depth information about the new implementations in terms of scrolling.

According to Scoularis, Android 8.1 DP suffers a little when it comes to the responsiveness of the UI. But that's just some initial glitch that will lead you to buttery smooth scrolling experience. He says,"I'm not sure how v-sync worked on Android up to this point, but it's definitely different in 8.1. The increased smoothness comes at the slight expense of responsiveness when scrolling, but it's very slight and ultimately a worthwhile trade-off in my view."

Have you tried the new Android 8.1 Developer Preview on your Nexus or Pixel devices? Share your experience in the comments section below.