Analyst Talks About Free-To-Play Games on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X


In recent years the games that operate under the free-to-play model have gained a strong presence on different platforms and although at the moment F2P user reigns on mobile devices and PC, it seems that the market for these types of games could gain more ground in that sector, according to the words of analyst Mark Robinson.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Mark Robinson, CEO and co-founder of deltaDNA, a company focused on in-depth data analysis and real-time marketing elements, the analyst expressed his opinion on the possibilities that free-to-play games could have in an environment dominated by PS4 Pro and the forthcoming release of Xbox One X.

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In that sense, the analyst stated: "From a F2P perspective, upgraded higher powered consoles can only be a good thing because we know that the better the hardware the better the conversion rate and monetization. This is a trend we’ve particularly noticed in mobile phones, as they have evolved."

At the same time, Robinson considered that although the presence of free-to-play titles at the moment is greater on PC, there is no reason why it can not reach those levels on the Sony and Microsoft consoles. "We don’t see any real difference between how developers should tailor their approach on PC compared with console."

Finally, the analyst said that companies involved in the free-to-play model that seek to enter consoles and increase their presence should be aware of how players engage with the title and the interaction that must be between the two parties: "What’s key is making sure the onboarding is right. You’ve also got to see how players engage with the game and make targeted interactions based on each individual player experience, and you need to make sure your monetization mechanics aren’t cannibalizing each other. You also need to ensure you’ve got a good core monetization loop, which is the same whether it’s a PC, mobile or console F2P game."

Xbox One X will be available on November 7th.