Amidst iOS 14.6 Excessive Battery Drain Issues, Apple Blocks Downgrading to iOS 14.5.1

Downgrading to iOS 14.5.1 from iOS 14.6

Apple updates tend to have an impact on the battery life of old and new iPhones. However, the latest update has gathered enough traction as many users are experiencing excessive battery drain issues. In the middle of these concerns, Apple has stopped signing iOS 14.6 which makes it impossible for users to downgrade to iOS 14.5.1.

Apple Stops Signing iOS 14.5.1 - Downgrading From iOS 14.6 No Longer Possible

iOS 14.5.1 was released at the beginning of May that housed numerous important security updates and a bug that disallowed users to see the App Tracking Transparency prompts. However, Apple has decided to block users from downgrading to iOS 14.5.1 from iOS 14.6 today. Apple usually stops signing iOS builds a week after the new version is released.

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Downgrading to iOS 14.5.1 from iOS 14.6

As mentioned earlier, iOS 14.6 took a great hit on the battery life of iPhones. While Apple is still expected to respond to the issue, we expect the company to fix the excessive battery drain issues in the coming updates. While iOS 14.5.1 already took a hit on the battery, iOS 14.6 further degraded battery life on iPhones, Personally, I have observed battery life on my iPhone 12 Pro Max to go down fast. In addition, the device gets pretty hot near the camera module.

Downgrading to iOS 14.5.1 from iOS 14.6

Normally, an average user might not be interested in downgrading to the previous iOS build. However, it is of great concern for users who are interested in jailbreaking their devices. Nonetheless, since the jailbreak tools are not updated for the latest build. the latest move by Apple does not have an impact on the current jailbreak status of users. Users who are currently running a jailbreak on older iOS versions must resist upgrading. If you do so, you would eventually kill the jailbreak status of your device. Moreover, since Apple has blocked downgrading, you would be stuck with the latest version. Hence, the jailbreak community can rest with ease because downgrading from iOS 14.6 to iOS 14.5.1 will have no impact on your jailbreak status.

If you are running iOS 14.7, you can not downgrade to iOS 14.5.1. The only option that you have at this point in time is downgrading to iOS 14.6. This is all there is to it, folks. What iOS version do you currently rest on? Let us know in the comments.

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