AMD Showcases Rebadged HD 7990 As FirePro W9000 Graphics Card


AMD seems to be playing it safe ever since the launch of Nvidia’s mammoth GTX 690 dual GPU graphics card. Apparently their Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of AMD Mark Papermaster, had showcased a reference HD 7970 X2 card known as the FirePro W9000, which is effectively a HD 7990 at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit 2012.

Be warned, when you’d compare the specs of the FirePro W9000 with the HD 7970, you’d conclude the card is more of a single GPU rather than a dual GPU.

The card will supposedly feature 4096 stream processors with 6GB of GDDR5 memory (3GB per GPU). Cooling wise the card has a tri fan solution with 90 mm low noise fans that are sufficient to keep the card cooled down at all times.

Power consumption wise, the card has two 8 pin connectors rather than the trio of 8 pin connectors seen on the custom PCB 7970 X2’s. Hence, along with AMD’s 1 GHz new and improved 7970’s, they might have gotten the power consumption down too with the HD 7990.

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