AMD Dominates CPU Market Share in Asian DIY Market, Ryzen CPUs Breach 60% Share in South Korea – Notebook CPU Share Hits 10 Year High!

The dominating spree of AMD Ryzen CPUs keeps ongoing as the company has reportedly captured a major chunk of market share in the Asian DIY market surpassing the share of Intel core CPUs by a huge margin.

AMD Ryzen CPUs Continue To Dominate Asian DIY Markets, South Korea Reports Over 60% Market Share For Team Red, Intel's Share Continues To Fall

The latest market share report comes from Tanawa Research (via ZDNet Korea). According to the firm, AMD's share in the DIY PC segment has reportedly hit a new high, surpassing 60% of the CPU market share in South Korea alone. The current market share for AMD Ryzen CPUs stands at 60.56 percent which is a huge jump considering that AMD was at around 50% share in late 2019. Things accelerated in the first quarter of 2020 with AMD 3rd & 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs receiving price cuts & retailer-specific discounts, delivering even better value than before.

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AMD Ryzen CPUs have surpassed Intel Core CPUs market share in the South Korean DIY market with a share of over 60%. (Image Credits: ZDNet Korea)

The report claims that AMD's mainstream Ryzen 5 series has been one of the reasons behind the major success of AMD's 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs. The AMD Ryzen 5 CPU offer far better value and CPU performance than Intel's Core i5. At the same time, Core i5 sales have taken a huge hit since AMD's Ryzen 3rd Gen CPUs hit the market of all the Core processors. With the arrival of AMD Ryzen 3 CPU series just around the corner, we may see a similar situation for Intel's Core i3 lineup.

It's also predicted that while Intel's 10th Gen CPUs will be getting a retail launch soon in just a few weeks, they may not have major influence over the DIY market. So expect the market share to fall in favor of Intel but only by a small margin. That is without saying that AMD would make a massive return by Q3/Q4 2020 as we get closer to the launch of Zen 3 based Ryzen 4000 'Vermeer' Desktop CPUs and current 2nd/3rd Gen Ryzen chips get even more price cuts and discounts.

It isn't just the desktop CPU segment that has seen a major increase in market share. Even AMD's notebook CPUs saw a massive increase over the previous quarter, marking a 10 year high for team red in South Korea. Intel has had a strong foothold in the notebook segment until recently when AMD revealed its 3rd Gen Ryzen 4000 'Renoir' Mobility lineup, offering incredible levels of efficiency in a high-performance and high-core count package.

AMD's Notebook CPU share till January 2020 was 15% but in April, the share exceeded 22.76%. The firm reveals that most of the notebooks sold were entry-level models featuring the previous-gen, Picasso Ryzen 3000 Notebook CPUs. What matters here is that more AMD CPUs managed to sell in the previous quarter, raising their notebook share to a 10 year high. With more mainstream Ryzen 4000 notebooks flooding the market places soon, we can see AMD surpass 25-30% share by the next quarter with ease.

AMD Outclassing & Outselling Intel In The DIY CPU Segment All Around The Globe

But wait, there's more! AMD isn't just outselling Intel in the Asian DIY segment but similar reports can be heard from all around the globe. Just recently, AMD revealed that its Ryzen CPUs make up for more than 50% of premium processors sales at top global retailers.

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If we take a look at the numbers from one retailer, the German-based Mindfactory, we will see that the retailer sold the highest number of 3rd and 2nd Gen since the launch of Mattise CPUs. Ingebor has once again been at the forefront of compiling these numbers. According to the stats, the Ryzen CPUs contributed to over 30,000 sales which are 91% of the total sales for the month of April. Intel CPUs only sold under 5000 units with a share of 9%. AMD's flagship Ryzen 9 3950X & Ryzen 9 3900X CPUs outsold Intel's entire Core lineup which is very impressive.


Mindfactory's April 2020 report shows a record number of sales for AMD Ryzen CPUs and record revenue share versus Intel Core CPUs. (Image Credits: Ingebor @ Reddit)

This means that AMD CPUs also resulted in record revenue share versus Intel. AMD Ryzen CPUs amounted to over 6,000,000 EUROS making 86% of the share while Intel CPUs only managed to contribute around 1,000,000 EUROS making up 14% of the revenue share. While AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs are extremely popular with the likes of the Ryzen 5 3600X selling over 50,000 units at the same retailer, 2nd Gen Ryzen CPU sales are also strong due to discounted prices, hitting close to $100 US for 6 core and 8 core processors.

Lastly, we have the Steam Hardware Survey where Intel CPUs, without a doubt, dominate the PC gaming segment but AMD has seen a steady increase in share recently. AMD CPU share on Steam has raised by 0.58% and now stands at 21.71%, the highest it has been since November of 2018.

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