AMD Richland APU Lineup Leaked – 100W and 65W Chips Arrive in Q2 2013


AMD Richland APU

AMD's APU department which is currently based around the Trinity platform would soon be upgraded with the arrival of AMD Richland APU in Q2 2013. The AMD Richland APU lineup would consist of Quad and Dual core models and would feature TDPs of 100W and 65W.

The AMD Richland APU would be based on an enhanced version of the x86 Piledriver architecture which is built on a 32nm fabrication process. AMD Richland APU lineup would be compatible with FM2 socket motherboards fused with the A85X 'Bolton D3' chipset. The APUs allow compatibility with DDR3 DIMMs rated at 1866 MHz + O.C, while the chipset is set to support up to eight SATA 6GB/s devices with an additional 4 USB 3.0 ports and 14 USB 2.0 ports. Following are the list of APUs we would be looking at from the AMD Richland APU lineup:

AMD Richland APU Lineup for 2013:

  • A10-6800K Radeon HD 8670D/ Quad Core 100W
  • A8-6600K Radeon HD 8570D/ Quad Core 100W
  • A10-6700 Radeon HD 8670D/ Quad Core 65W
  • A8-6500 Radeon HD 8570D/ Quad Core 65W
  • A6-6400K Radeon HD 8470D/ Dual Core 65W
  • A4-6300 Radeon HD 8370D/ Dual Core 65W

As previously reported, the A10-6800K would be the flagship AMD Richland APU of the A-Series lineup, featuring a 100W TDP, Radeon HD 8670D IGP and a fully unlocked design for overclocking. Similarly, the A8-6600K would also be a similar spec'd Quad Core with 100W TDP but lower clock speeds and a Radeon HD 8570D IGP.

In addition to the 100W APU parts, AMD Richland APU would also be available in 65W part models. The A10-6700 and A8-6500 APUs would be equipped with HD 8670D and HD 8570D IGPs respectively but would have low clock speeds to achieve the lower power consumption mark.

There would be two Dual Core models too with 65W TDPs. Fudzilla has shed light on specifications of these Dual Core models with the A6-6400K coming with HD 8470D with 192 Stream Processors based on GCN 2.0 architecture while the A4-6300 would have a HD 8430D IGP core with 128 Stream processors. Both models have 1 MB of L2 Cache. For now, AMD Ricland APU is shipping to OEMs so we can be looking at their arrival around Q2 2013.

However, AMD Richland APUs would sooner be replaced by the next-generation Kaveri APU which comes with the steamroller core architecture using the 28nm process and much enhanced IPC performance to HSA improvements. The AMD Kaveri APUs are expected in 2H 2013.