AMD Radeon Branded Memory Spotted In The Wild


Amid the current buzz in the PC hardware world along with the upcoming leaked out AMD Bulldozer chips and APU's, images have surfaced from Japan showing 'AMD Radeon Memory' branded DDR3 memory modules in the market.

These newly found rams are working at a frequency of 1333 MHz (Entertainment Series) at timings of 9-9-9 while also there is a 1600 MHz variant labeled as under ULTRA PRO Gaming Series running at timings of 11-11-11 respectively. These rams are currently available in 2GB capacity for both frequencies.

Surely this not a surprise to us following AMD's preparation in launching their new CPU architecture in the near future. Also, it is most likely that these rams will both be optimized for use on both Bulldozer and APU based systems.

On the other side, we have not heard any official word from AMD regarding the launch of their own memory line that uses their VGA branding name (Radeon off course) but we did indeed find out information related to the existence of these rams on AMD's own website.

Also, these rams were being sold on promotion on NCIX (Canada) but the links went dead shortly after these images surfacing in the wild. They are being retailed for an equivalent of around the $20 mark.

AMD using their low end GPU memory rams as memory modules to give a boost to their revenue? Sounds most likely to be true.

Image courtesy of Akiba PC Hotline!