AMD Drops Flagship FX 8150 Price To €180

With Intel heading the headlines with its all new Ivy Bridge processors, AMD has taken note and has come up with a similar plan to counter Intel’s offering.

Apparently across major European retailers, the price of AMD’s flagship eight-core Bulldozer CPU, the FX-8150, has had its price drop from €219 to around €180.

This does seem a good deal for AMD users indeed but never the less, the 3.6 GHz clocked dozer has its price equivalent to the cheapest Ivy Bridge processor available on the market and also similar price wise to a mid range Sandy Bridge processor.

AMD however hasn’t shown its generosity to the rest of its product range as the flagship 8150 seems to be the only one getting the huge price drop. Official prices have yet to be updated online and there are more chances of its Llano APUs being benefitted with the price cuts in the near future.

But do keep in mind, AMDs revised APUs better known as Trinity are launching in just a few weeks so you might want to hold on to your wallet before you start dishing out those greens to see how better the performance may get soon.

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