AMD A8-3870 Black Edition (ES) Unveiled and Tested, Breaks IGP Records in 3D Mark Vantage


We've already heard about the replacement for AMD's current Flagship Llano CPU "A8-3850" which would arrive later in Q4 2011. The Llano A8-3870 Black Edition which would become the Flagship of AMD's Llano Lineup would feature an Unlocked multiplier which would allow overclocking and would also come with a Radeon HD embedded IGP for display.

Supported by the FM1 Socket boards, The A8-3870 (Quad Core) would feature a stock clock speed of 3.1Ghz and 100W TDP design. The embedded Radeon HD6550D IGP would come with 400 Shader Processors clocked at 600Mhz frequency, 1866Mhz+ DDR3 Memory would be supported by the chip.

Chew, A member over at Xtremesystems forums seems to have gotten his hands on a Engineering Sample of the A8-3870 chip. Since its the only Llano APU with an unlocked multiplier, the guy has posted tons of CPU/GPU benchmark results over at the forums. The chip was overclocked to various frequencies ranging from 3.6-4.2+ Ghz at a voltage of 1.600 - 1.728 Max on Phase Change. Chip has got the potential to go beyond 5Ghz mark easily considering the unlocked multiplier but the motherboards BIOS was interfering with the ES sample. Chew also said that Pumping extra voltage to the core resulted in little to no gains.

Let's move on to the benchies, The Built in IGP achieved new world records in 3D Mark Vantage and 06. Following are the results and screenshots:

  • 3D Mark 05: 21101 3D Marks
  • 3D Mark 06: 11822 3D Marks
  • 3D Mark Vantage: 7386 3D Marks (CPU Score: 13836)
  • 3D Mark 11: 1930 3D Marks (Performance Preset)
  • WPrime 32M (4.2Ghz 42 x 100.0Mhz): 9.406 sec



Full details and more benchmarks over at, Link mentioned in Source. Big thanks to Chew for posting benchmarks over at the forums.