AMD FX-Vishera Processors to Bring 7% IPC and 7% Frequency Improvement over FX-Bulldozer


AMD's marketing manager Brent Barry, confirmed in a interview with Tigerdirect that the upcoming AMD FX-Vishera processors would bring about 7% IPC, 7% Frequency and upto 15% more efficient than the FX-Bulldozer processors.

Powered by the Piledriver x86 core architecture, the second generation AMD FX-Vishera would get a speed bump of 7% and the fastest Octa-Core FX-8350 would feature a Turbo Core frequency of 4.2 GHz whilst running at 4.0 GHz standard clock speed. Power efficiency would also be improved by 15% however TDP still ceases to remain set at the 125W limit (same as FX-Bulldozer). Additionally, the CPU along with the other Octa-core CPU's would feature an 8 MB L3 Cache.

Taking in account the 7% IPC improvement and 7% Core clock bump, the second generation AMD FX-Vishera would most likely end up being faster than the Intel Sandy Bridge processors if not the Ivy bridge. However given the overclocking capabilities of the Piledriver core as indicated by the Trinity 7GHz world record, the CPU would end up becoming more favorable by enthusiasts and overclockers.

AMD FX-Vishera Availability and Pricing:

Brent further confirms that the AMD FX-Vishera is indeed coming out this month with chances of launch on 23rd October and would be targeted towards the pure hardcore audience. Price would end up being in the sub-$250 range. You can also check out preliminary benchmarks of the FX-8350 here.