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[Rumor] EVGA Partnering With AMD On Vega & Radeon RX 500 Series Graphics Cards


According to recent chatter around the tech-sphere, NVIDIA's biggest partner, EVGA may be jumping on the AMD Vega train this year. Industry speculation about the possibility of EVGA partnering with AMD to make and sell Radeon Graphics cards has been going on for many years. The subject has been brought up more frequently as of last year however.

EVGA Reportedly Mulling A Jump On The AMD Vega Train

This particular rumor from bitsandchips.it, who have cited private sources, claims that the potential is very much real this year. NVIDIA's board partners are said to have raised grievances with the company as a result of its recent channel strategies which haven't been very kind to them. NVIDIA's recent decisions to exclusively sell the highly profitable Titan X Pascal as well as price reference designed Founder's Edition cards considerably higher than the base retail MSRP that its board-partners have to contend with have reportedly not sat well with EVGA in particular.

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The report continues on to state that EVGA's current situation is remarkably similar to where XFX was in 2010, prompting the latter to jump ship to AMD.  It's very unlikely that we'll see a repeat of that today however, as EVGA simply stands too much to lose by abandoning the GeForce brand which commands the majority of the desktop discrete graphics market. However, the company is said to be positioning itself to take advantage of AMD's new rising star, Vega.

[UPDATED] 01/07/2017 5:23:49 PM
EVGA has denied rumors of a partnership with AMD on Vega.

Why An AMD EVGA Collaboration Makes Sense, Could Be Great But Is Complicated

AMD previewed its highly anticipated upcoming high-end "Vega" graphics architecture yesterday at CES 2017. The company detailed the cutting edge technology that its latest graphics architecture brings to the table and demoed it running the latest triple A games at 4K.  Next generation Vega based graphics cards are going to arrive at the highly profitable enthusiast end of the market in the first half of 2017 and EVGA wants a piece of that pie. Whether the company will have any success in striking a deal with NVIDIA to become a dual vendor supplier like Asus, Gigabyte and MSI remains to be seen.

EVGA is a well established premium brand and the most popular among GeForce customers, especially in north America. Bringing that strong brand recognition over to the Radeon side will help the company penetrate new markets and could have a positive impact on Vega sales. With that being said, it will also make a relatively small market even more competitive for AMD's existing board partners and thus could prove to be an unpopular decision for AMD management to even allow it. Corporate politics aside, there's very little doubt that an EVGA Radeon collaboration will be welcomed by enthusiasts all over the globe and could help spur more healthy competition.

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